Beta Alanine Powder


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Beta Alanine is a sports nutrition supplement that lends itself well to synthesizing L-Carnosine, a type of amino acid. Supplementation is particularly useful to those involved in exercise performance, such as athletes or bodybuilders. In addition, creatine supplementation may also enhance Beta Alanine's benefits.

Beta Alanine is chiefly useful in increasing muscular endurance, but consumers are encouraged to research the supplement to see if it is right for them.


This concentration of Beta Alanine does not contain additives or fillers of any kind. It possesses no discernible taste and is readily water soluble. It can be mixed with water or fruit juices.


If Beta Alanine is taken in higher servings, it has the potential to cause tingling sensations in the hands and face. Using it past the recommended dosage or the recommended end date of a course can also gradually result in stomach upset, nausea and lightheadedness.