Standard Spring Clip Collar - 1 Pair

Keep weight plates securely on the bar. Easy to on/off for quick weight changes. FREE SHIPPING



SKU: RC-50
Manufacturer: Sports and Fitness Warehouse

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Standard 1 inch Spring Collar Clips - 1 pair

By Sports & Fitness Warehouse


Spring Clips are easy to fasten & remove from the bar for quick weight changes
Rubber handles are easier on your fingers, unlike the harsh plastic used in most brands
These Clips are a full 1/2 inch longer than other brands, making them easier to grip and use
The Rubber Handle Covers are intergral to the metal and will NOT slip off, ever!
Chromed Finish gives long lasting use and protection from rusting
Accommodates 1" Barbells and Dumbbell handles

Sold as a pair


Ships from our Texas warehouse
Shipping weight 5 oz