2" Spring Clip Collar - 1 Pair

2 inch Spring Collar Clips use spring tension to keep weight plates securely on the bar and are easy to fasten & remove for quick weight changes. FREE SHIPPING


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SKU: OC-45
Manufacturer: Sports and Fitness Warehouse

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2” Spring Clip Collar - 1 Pair

By Sports and Fitness Warehouse

Spring Clips are easy to fasten & remove from the bar for quick weight changes
Rubber handles are easier on your fingers, unlike the harsh plastic used in most brands
These Clips have a narrower handle spread than other brands, making them easier to grip and use
Chromed Finish gives long lasting use and protection from rusting
Accommodates 2" Barbells and Dumbbell handles
Dimensions: 7 1/4 inches x 5 1/4 inches x1 1/8 inches

Sold as a Pair


Ships from our Texas warehouse
Shipping weight 2 lb