The GREAT GRIP Company Hand & Finger Exerciser MEDIUM

MEDIUM 7 lbs of Resistance per Finger


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SKU: 2402
Manufacturer: The Great Grip Company

Red  MEDIUM 7 lbs of Resistance per Finger 

  • The GREAT GRIP helps develop hand strength.
  • Available in four different color-coded resistance levels and they are designed to strengthen each finger individually.
  • Used by both men and women to increase hand, wrist, and forearm strength.
  • The Great Grip Company is the Fastest Growing U.S. Company for hand exercisers.


Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Football, Handgun, Lacrosse, Hockey, Fitness,Computer & Stress, Rock Climbing, Yoga, Gaming, Bowling, Fishing, Martial Arts
Musical Instruments:
Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Classical String Instruments, Bass Guitar, Brass Instruments, Piano & Keyboard, Wind Instruments,Drums & Percussion


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