Gripmaster PRO Hand and Finger Exerciser SWAT Team FOUR PACK (Medium, Heavy, X-Heavy, XX-Heavy)

The PRO is our most advanced hand exerciser.



SKU: 15001-02-03-04
Manufacturer: prohands

This SWAT Team FOUR PACK includes:

  • RED, Medium - 7 lbs of resistance per finger
  • BLACK, Heavy - 9 lbs of resistance per finger
  • GREY, X-Heavy - 11 lbs of resistance per finger
  • ORANGE, XX-Heavy - 13 lbs of resistance per finger

The PRO is ideal for professional athletes and motivated individuals seeking maximum performance.
It expands on the ingenious design of Gripmaster providing serious athletes with the most advanced technical hand exerciser in the world.
Prohands exercisers are the No. 1 selling hand exercisers in the world because Prohands strengthens each finger individually.



Sports: Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Football, Handgun, Lacrosse, Hockey, Fitness, Computer & Stress, Climbing, Yoga, Gaming, Bowling, Fishing, Martial Arts

Musical Instruments: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Classical String Instruments, Bass Guitar, Brass Instruments, Piano & Keyboard, Wind Instruments, Drums & Percussion


Each finger of the hand is powered by a completely separate system of muscles and tendons located in the hand, wrist and forearm. Most of the hands power is generated by larger muscles in the forearm while finer movements are controlled by smaller muscles in the hand itself. Our wrist is the bridge which stabilizes the interaction of the hand & forearm.

The ability to control the ball or control the bat, racquet, or club all starts with the hands. Your hand is really five separate systems which work in seamless unity. The only way to develop superior strength, endurance, and coordination in your hands is to challenge and develop each finger individually


Once you exercise with Gripmaster you’ll notice an amazing difference almost immediately. The separate system which operates each finger will awaken and strengthen. Only Gripmaster can get this incredible result.
Exercising with your Gripmaster is the most efficient and effective way to maintain the health and conditioning of the hand. It’s the ideal way to maintain the suppleness and flexibility of the hand to prevent injury and make daily life more enjoyable.