CHOICE Power Wrist and Forearm Strength Exerciser

Lightweight wrist and forearm exerciser; strengthens, builds and tones wrist, arm and hand muscles


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SKU: PW-09
Manufacturer: Sports & Fitness Warehouse

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  • Improve fitness power for variety of sports: tennis, basketball, bowling, racquet ball, golf
  • Soft, comfortable, adjustable arm guide suitable for all ages, men and women; regular and reverse exercises
  • High density foam’s unique closed cell material won’t break-down with use; quality carbon steel spring
  • Equipment’s compact design fits in gym bags; travel with you to any sports competition; imported
    SIZE: 10" x 6 1/2" x 1"
The CHOICE Power Wrist by Sports and Fitness Warehouse is the highest quality
wrist and forearm exerciser.    Our black wrist exerciser is made with a heavy duty
carbon steel spring
and the soft comfortable foam is made from a closed cell
material similar to a cushioned steering wheel.  
This closed cell technology won’t break down, won't soak up sweat or disintegrate over time. 
This adjustable power wrist developer can be used in regular position or in reverse for a
maximum wrist workout.
Use our wrist and forearm exerciser to build, tone and firm wrist and arm muscle and
power plus strengthen hand grip for a wide variety of activities and sports including golf,
tennis, racquet ball, bowling, baseball, and basketball.
Being lightweight and compact makes it easy to take with you to the gym or your favorite
sporting events. Its adjustability allows it to be used as a fitness tool by all ages and by both
men and women.